What is Orthodontics?

This website has been designed to provide patients with an insight into having orthodontic treatment in Leeds.

It will also inform patients on the latest orthodontic treatments available and will also aid patients in making an informed decision on who and where to get such treatments.

imageTeeth straightening using orthodontic appliances (“Braces”) is becoming one of the most wanted cosmetic dental treatments in the UK. Especially following the introduction of “Invisible braces” offered by specialist orthodontists in Leeds.

Orthodontics can provide you with the perfect smile that you have always wanted. Depending on your individual case, orthodontic treatment can take from as little as 4-12 months.

Orthodontics is about preventing and correcting tooth irregularities providing you with a healthy attractive smile. It involves the design and application of removable and/or fixed braces to give you the smile you have always wanted.

Orthodontics is mainly carried out by qualified orthodontists in Leeds, also known as specialist orthodontists. Our recommended orthodontist in Leeds offers a range of services that would straighten your teeth and give you the perfect smile you desire.

Some general dentists also carry out minor orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign.

However, it is best to visit a specialist orthodontist for your teeth straightening.

Orthodontics in Leeds is also known as ‘braces’, ‘Invisible braces in Leeds’, ‘clear braces’ , ‘Invisalign Leeds’ and also ‘Lingual braces in Leeds’

Our recommended orthodontic clinic in Leeds offer free orthodontic consultations and even 0% Interest free payment options!

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